Without promotion, your customers don’t know you are there or the right company to go to!

Does your customer know that you have what they need? Are you already a known player in the Netherlands? Do you know which channels your targeted audience is using? How do they make their decisions to purchase?

CAPICO, together with it’s business partner commotioncreators can support you in various (online) marketing, communications and promotional activities. From market research to developing and executing a cross media marketing campaign. From project management, inbound marketing and online persuasion to content creation, webcare and web design or blogging. We are experienced in creating commotion on social media and online but also on print and advertising. By creating strong content for your targeted audience and by combining communications through the various channels and media, your (online) visibility, lead- and conversion rate will be increased.

For more information please contact us or make an appointment to discuss your requirements or check out our partner’s website for more detailed information on their experience and offering.

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